Tyler Findlay

Why did you join Team Driven?

It seemed like a good chance to learn about engineering. It also seemed fun.

What is your favorite part about being on Team Driven?

I get to have fun solving problems with friends.

What is your job on the team?

I machine and I help with animations for the fedex challenge

What are your plans after graduation?

Go to college for a semester and then go on a church mission. Major in mechanical engineering and/or graphic design.

How has robotics influenced your career/ education choices?

Gave me the idea of being a mechanical engineer rather than a civil engineer.

What are your hobbies?

Art, tennis, wrestling, youth in government, hanging out with friends, other sports, violin.

What is your favorite type of dinosaur?


What is your favorite food?


What is an interesting fact or talent you have?

I am a good violinist, and I love music.

What sub-team are you a part of?


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