Here at Team Driven, we strive for success and try to do that in the most realistic and professional way as possible. With a limited budget and no profit, Team Driven has thought of many innovative ways to increase funds. Here is their top 10, easy ways to raise money.

1. Executive Discount Cards »

Get local businesses to provide reasonable discounts on their services or goods. Compile these onto a laminated card to sell to your community. Have your kids sell them around school and to their friends and family. The better the deals, the easier it is to sell the cards. We have made about $400 on average.

2. Car Smashes »

Buy a few inexpensive cars (or have them donated from local junk yard). At a large event at your school or just in your community (i.e. a football game), have people pay to hit the car with a sledgehammer. This works really well at rivalry games because you can spray paint half of the car with the school colors of your school and the other half the other school’s colors. Making it a competition really helps bring in money.  We have made about $300 on average.

3. Provide Lawn Services such as Aeration and Verticut »

Partner with a local lawn tool business owner or rental company (i.e. Billy Goat), and ask if they would like to loan the tools you need. Make a flier to advertise your business and get it out into the community. We have made about $15,000 from this fundraiser.

4. Host a Drive One 4 UR School  »

Ask your local Ford dealership for a chance to host a “Drive One 4 UR School” fundraiser. It is really easy and can get your team a lot of money if properly advertised. It helps advertise the new Ford vehicles while also advertising your team to the community. For more information click here. We have made about $3,000 from the Drive One event.

5. Sell T-shirts »

Come up with an original slogan or simple picture and screen print it on a t-shirt. Sell! It is really easy. Many students throughout the school support the team by buying t-shirts. There is some up-front cost for the t-shirts themselves, but if the shirt is really funny then they will be an easy sell. We have made about $100 dollars from selling t-shirts.

6. Create a Cook Book »

Ask all of the parents on your team for their family recipes. Compile them into a cook book and sell it!

7. Silent Auctions »

Ask for anyone on your team to bring auction items (works better if they are related to your team). Host the silent auction during some sort of event for your team or school.

8. Raffles »

At a school or team event, hold a 50/50 raffle. A reasonable price for each ticket is a dollar. In the end, someone gets half of the profit and the other half goes to your team. Win-win!

9. FIRST Light Bulbs »

Order the FIRST light bulbs from here and sell them around your community. It raises money for your team and it helps spread the word of FIRST. For more info on the FIRST light bulbs, click here.

10. Grocery Store Discount Books »

Go to your local grocery store and purchase their coupon books. Have the kids on the team sell them. It is as easy as that. You buy them for a dollar and sell them for five, so with every book sell you make $4 for your team!

Team Driven hopes these fundraising ideas help you as much as they’ve helped us! If you have any questions, please contact us.