Make a Video

Making a video is a great way for a team to get the word out into the world about themselves.  It is simple and can look very professional if done right.  Here are a few easy steps to follow for you to get your name out into the community.

  1. Shoot some video footage or take pictures of what you want to portray through a video.
  2. Take the footage you took and upload it to a computer, a Mac is nice because it will most likely have iMovie, but a PC works fine with a few different software, but the most common will most likely be Movie Maker.  Team Driven uses Adobe Premiere Pro.  A nice PC software that isn’t very expensive is Sony Vegas Movie Maker.
  3. After putting the video or pictures into your video software, you need to decide whether or not you want to use music or not.  If you choose to use music it is important to be sure to have the permission of the creator of the song or use a copyright free song to be sure you won’t get in trouble with copyright laws.
  4. Place your footage in the order that you want it.  While you place the footage in order, you can adjust the length of each clip.  This is helpful so you don’t have to film just what you want; you can film a little over and edit it out in this stage.
  5. After getting the footage, some people like to add titles. Most software will have a way for you to add a title in. If for some reason it won’t let you, you could draw it out and take a picture of it and place your hand drawn title as your title of your movie
  6.  One of the last things to do to your video is to export it.  Some software will just have a save as, and you save it as a video file, such as MP4.  Other software will have an export or render option.  This will do the same thing and you can then choose what file format you want your video to be.
  7. After that gets done, it may take a while depending on your computer and the quality video you are making, you should always watch it for errors before you publish it.
  8. Publishing can be done in several ways. Some of the easiest ways are to upload the file to YouTube.  Making an account is easy and uploading can be as simple as a click and drag.

If you have any questions on making a video or you would like to know how we have made one of ours please contact us.