Blake Ramsey

What is your role on the team?


Why I joined the team?

Sounded like fun.

What is your favorite part about Team Driven?

All the people.

What is your experience on the team?

Third year

How will you benefit the team?

Bring people together through scouting.

What are your plans after graduation?

I plan to attend college (MU, KU, UMKC, or Wash U) to become a Physical Therapist or Pediatric Neurologist.

How has robotics influenced your education/career choice?

The leadership that I have been exposed to has influenced me to pursue bigger/better dreams.

What are your personal goals?

Make varsity in Cross Country/Track, earn scholarships.

What other activities are you involved in besides robotics?

Track, Cross Country, and Skills USA.

What is your favorite part about being on Team Driven?

All of the people

What is your favorite type of dinosaur?


What is you favorite type of food?


What is your interesting fact/talent?

I can jump really high.

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