Austin Heineman

Why did you join Team Driven?

I joined the Team because I went through Team Driven’s summer camps and JRL and I loved robots.

What is your favorite part about being on Team Driven?

The people I’ve met. Going to regionals. Making the world a better place

What is your job on the team?

Communications team member, janitor

What are your plans after graduation?

Go to a 4-year college

How has robotics influenced your career/ education choices?

It has helped me to realize my public-speaking talents and that i enjoy working with people.

What are your hobbies?

Hanging out with friends. Ballin out.

What is your favorite type of dinosaur?

A Giraffe

What is your favorite food?

Fish Tacos

What is an interesting fact or talent you have?

One time I stood next the next to the microwave for too long and the radiation has seeped into my brain and given me the power to move small objects with my mind. For some reason, I can only do at this at night when nobody else is watching.

What sub-team are you a part of?


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