Marly McMillen Beelman

What other activities are you involved in besides robotics?

Well, I’m a health care consultant and I’m Founder/Editor/Author at Namely Marly, an online resource about names, life, and food!

What are your hobbies?

Our family plays tennis together a lot so that’s both enjoyable and an opportunity to learn and improve. I play piano and guitar as well.

What is you degree/college you graduated from/current career?

Bachelor’s degree in management. MBA from Mizzou.

What is your favorite part about being on Team Driven?

Showing these kids what a difference they can make in this world. Team Driven provides the opportunity to help kids develop skills in so many areas that will help them in life.

What is your favorite type of dinosaur?


What is your favorite type of food?

We’re vegan so we enjoy just about anything that fits in that category. That said, Chocolate Cashew Shakes certainly rank high on the list!

What is your interesting fact/talent?

I was on the bowling team in college. Impressive, I know.

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