Food Driven

When most people think about hunger, they think of a starving child in a third-world country or they think of a long line of homeless people waiting outside an inner-city soup kitchen. However, hunger is an issue that can be seen everywhere.

We are driven to help the hungry in our community. While we have always tried to collect items for the needy through donations, in 2018 we got more involved with the issue in a new way. It started with us deciding that we would trick or treat for canned goods during Halloween. Teams of students divided local neighborhoods and set out in teams to teach the community about who we are and to ask them to donate canned foods and non-perishables to our teams. Together Team Driven was able to collect 407 food products in 2018 to donate to Lee’s Summit Social Services.

Team Driven also decided to use another of our programs for good by starting a canned food drive competition for participants of our Junior Robotics League fall program. Junior Robotics League teams were able to bring in 576 canned goods in 2018 for another local food pantry called Cold Water.

Team Driven will continue to look to expand our Food Driven outreach to help those in need in our community.