Sign up meals

During the build season, Team Driven does its best to provide meals everyday for its students and mentors. Dinner is provided every weekday and Sunday as well as lunch and dinner on Saturday. To accomplish this, we ask that parents sign up to bring meals when they can.

Click here to sign up for meals.

Reminder FAQs

Q: How many people do we need to plan for:

A: It varies from 25 to 40 people. Plan on 35, we love leftovers and have never had to throw food away. If this number changes we will update the signup genius and notify the team.

Q: Is there a pattern to participation in dinners either through the week or through the season.

A: Saturday lunches are usually lighter, with about 20 people. Expect fewer students on the Saturday of Courtwarming. Again, all leftovers will get consumed.

Q: What kitchen equipment is available?

A; There is a small counter space to set stuff out. There is a sink with dish soap, towels, and cleaning supplies. We have two microwaves and two refrigerators, one of which has a freezer. We wash serving platters and utensils by hand, everything else is disposable. We have plenty of serving utensils and we ask for donations of disposable plates and napkins (see above) so the family providing the meal doesn’t have to provide paper goods. We maintain a supply of Ziploc bags, foil, etc.

Q: Is there a BBQ grill?

A: We can have one there, please give us at least a day’s notice through email or text. It will not be gas, briquettes only.

Q: What kinds of meals?

A: Things that are easy in mass quantities, but also maintain a balanced diet. The signup genius has a spot for you to comment with the meal you plan to bring so we have some variety. There is usually something green. Kids do remarkably well with salad. There is usually a pretty good supply of salad dressing in the fridge. Often parents will check out the supply of condiments the night before they are bringing a meal to see what the necessary condiment supply looks like. We usually have tons of ketchup, mustard, mayo, etc. Often parents bring a favorite meal of child assuming it’s not something to far off the norm. Most parents will bring a dessert but it doesn’t have to be fancy.

Q: Food allergies

A: Yes. Make sure anything with nuts is clearly marked and separated from other food. Nut-free options are greatly appreciated. We’ll have some Lactose intolerant students and some vegetarians. The most important thing to do is LABEL CLEARLY and make sure your own child knows their dietary restrictions and will speak up for their dietary needs. Everyone has access to the signup genius so they can be on the lookout for meals that won’t work for themselves and plan accordingly.

Q: Drinks

A: Some parents will bring milk if it’s a favorite of their child and some parents will bring pop. The majority of parents do not bring a beverage. There will always be a supply of bottled water and pop in the drink refrigerator that students can buy for $0.50 or $1. There is also a cold water drinking fountain. Students are welcome to bring a water bottle with their name on it to leave in the shop.

Q. Can we stay & eat too?

A. Absolutely! We encourage families to stick around and eat with the team when you bring a meal.