Important: Forms Required to Participate in Competitions

There will be some necessary forms that all students must have in order to go to to competitions with the team.

  1. STIMS: All students must be registered through FIRST. There is a student part to be filled out and then a parent portion as well.Please see this detailed instruction sheet.
    You will need to know that we are team 1730 and the competition is titled FIRST Robotics Competition.Note: Even if you did this last year, you need to follow the instructions on page 6 to re-add the student to the team. Make sure to follow ALL of the instructions carefully.

    If this is your first time registering you can do so here.

  2. Field Trip Form: Students must have their form signed by teachers in order to miss school for the KC Regional.

 Field Trip Student Permission Heartland 2018

  1. Medical Release Form: All students are required to fill out a medical release form, even if you have filled one out in the past.

 Medical Release Form

  1. Behavior Contract: all students that go on the traveling regional must fill out a behavior contract

 Behavior Contract 2018

  1. Travel Release Request: Needed if you will not be riding the bus to and/or from the event at any point:

LSHS Travel Release Form


This is what STIMS shows when a student is successfully registered (this is for a student under 18 years old):

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