CowTown ThrowDown

Cerner Corporation and Lee’s Summit High School Team Driven #1730, along with Team 2001 HERMES from Ruskin High School, are proud to bring you a premier off-season FRC event. This event is open to all high school robotics teams who wish to compete with their robots in a friendly, fun atmosphere. Space is limited, so sign up fast!

The event will be held on the Lee’s Summit High School Campus on Friday, October 30th and Saturday, October 31st 2015. The competition will start at 6pm on Friday night and will go into the late afternoon on Saturday. Teams will have an opportunity to play FIRST RECYCLE RUSH on a sanctioned FIRST playing field against other FIRST teams.

Family, friends, and interested community members are encouraged to come to cheer on their team and learn more about competitive high school robotics.

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