2015 Safety Anamiation

Team Driven’s submission for the 2015 “Safety Superheroes” themed contest. This year, we decided to stray away from the beaten path of physical safety, and toward the idea of creating an environment for new team members to share ideas which may end up being used.


Joe Licata
Spencer Nyquist
Kayla Traxel
Chris Licata
Luke Cooper
Scott Meservey
Nola Tran
Devin Mart
Ben Carlyle-Ellebracht


Al – Spencer Nyquist
Wanda – Nola Tran
Bruce – Riley Davenport
Theodore – Joe Licata
Tapetha – Paige Maxwell
Introductions – Scott Meservey


Scott Meservey
Luke Cooper

Sound Effects & Music:

Scott Meservey


Scott Meservey
Luke Cooper

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