FIRST World Championships

FIRST Robotics Teams all around the world will gather together at the Edward Jones Dome for an amazing FIRST Robotics World Championships.

FIRST – For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology

FIRST has many events for any age of kids at the world championship. Teams from Jr. FLL, FLL, FTC, and FRC all gather together at the Edward Jones Dome to have a blast! To learn more about FIRST Levels and events, please click here.

How do you get to go to World Championships?

Championships require a little effort from teams, for most part, it is a dream to be able to go, however, there are a few requirements to be able to go to championships. To read more on the requirements to go to the FIRST World Championships, please click here.

Not able to make it?

No problem! You can watch us online via NASA we will be on the Galileo Division Field. Getting excited!

Qualification Matches


Match Number Time
6 11:30 AM
32 1:00 PM
48 2:42 PM
56 3:30 PM
75 5:24 PM


Match Number Time
97 11:06 AM
116 2:00 PM
134 3:48 PM
145 4:54 PM


Match Number Time
158 8:57 AM

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