The End of 2012-2013, The Beginning of 2013-2014

Last night Team Driven had an ice cream party as a closing to our 8th successful season and the end of our 2012-2013 school year.  We had fun and shared some laughs.

Looking back, it has been a good year; Summer Camps, new App Camps, Cowtown Throwdown at LSHS, JRL, many new members, Kansas City Regional, Razorback Regional, winning the “Engineering Inspiration” Award, and getting to compete at the Championships in St. Louis.

We celebrated our year together and recognized our junior members, fellow team members, mentors, and parents.  Thanks again to our mentors and parents for all your support, in so many ways.  Many on the team received letters for their contribution to the team during this past year and two seniors received scholarships.  The M.V.P. award (selected by the team members) was presented to one of our seniors, too.

The members of Team Driven are looking forward to more fun in 2013-2014.

ice cream-1 Ice cream and treats, now on to the awards


ice cream-2 Our Junior Members


ice cream-3 Some of our team members receiving their letter from Naz.


ice cream-4 Our Seniors

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