Razorback Regional Day 1

Helping Hands

Team Driven helping others

Yesterday, Team Driven helped out other teams to get them ready for today’s matches. There were 6 teams we really helped out. Team driven just loves to help and that is just about all we did the first day.

Chairmen’s Award

Today, the chairmen’s team went to present to the chairmen’s why we should get the award. They did a good job, and they ran over time with judges asking questions. The chairmen’s team all said
that they really impressed the judges.


The qualification matches started out great! We won the first match on the Blue Alliance with teams 456 and 4037 and a score of 76-12. Our 2nd match we lost 85-41. We were on the Blue Alliance and played against teams 3593, 1927, and 3507. In our 3rd match we also had a great performance. We won this match on the Red Alliance with teams 3284 and 4490 with a score of 74-60. Once again, our 4th match had a positive outcome. We were on the Red Alliance with 4487 and 3847, finishing with a score of 111-60. Our 5th match was a close one for the Red Alliance. We were with teams 2333 and 4477, with a score of 37 to 31. Going onto 6th match was a lost for the Blue Alliance. We were against teams 1810, 3784, and 4553, with a score of 50 to 40. As our last match comes up, it’s a close one with 2 out of the 6 robots got turned off during the match, allowing the Red Alliance to get head and win that match. With a close score of 79 to 72. Good job today and be watching for tomorrows matches.

“Today has been a day of many great accomplishments.” -Bob Crance

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