Razorback Regional Day 2

Warm Welcome

Warm Welcome

Team Driven is driven to give everyone a warm welcome. Today, that is what we did. Not only did we welcome teams, but we also welcomed everyone to our pit.

Alliance Selection

Alliance selection was out great! Team Driven joined the number 4th seed with team 3160 asking us to join. Our other alliance partner is 4553. The alliance selection went out great!


Starting the day off with a match is nothing but fun, especially with Lee’s Summit North Broncobots and Lee’s Summit West Team Titanium here watching us. sadly we lost our first match of the day on the Blue Alliance against teams 456, 2164, and 1477, with a score of 124 to 53. Our 2nd match of the day started out great and finishing up in the air. The Blue Alliance lost to teams 16, 3847, and 3528, and a score of 102 to 58. Our 3rd match finished out with ¾ of the bumper off. A winning score of 91 to 61 with teams 1421 and 4577. 4th match down and alliance selection to go turned out great with a win. On the Red alliance with teams 3507 and 1723 and a score of 66 to 57.

The quarter finals matches started out great, with a win for our alliance. We have a score of 96 to 91 with team captain 3160 and team 4553. The 2nd quarter finals match started out great with a vary close score. Our alliance lost, but it was a good and close battle against teams 3593, 456, and 2080. With a score of 105 to 95 which means there will be a 3rd match before we find out who goes to the semifinals. The Red Alliance lost to teams 3593, 456, and 2080. With a score of 91 to 74.


Team Driven won the Gracious Professionalism Award, celebrating outstanding sportsmanship and continuous gracious professionalism in the heat of competition, both on and off the playing field.

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