2006 FIRST FRC Game: Aim High

About the Game

The event begins with two teams that consist of three members each. The object of the competition is to make goals in either the one point goal or at the three point goal. The one point goal is located at the corners of the arena. The three point goal is located eight feet above the ground. The robot must be able to collect balls, manuever around the court, and launch the balls into a designated target. The entire competition is two minutes and ten seconds. The first round is ten seconds. Then there are three rounds that are forty seconds each. At the end of the final round, the robot must be able to get up a ramp onto a final platform.

Game Animation

Awards Received in 2006:

Denver Regional

  • Rookie All-Star Award
  • Best Website Award

Atlanta World Championships

  • Highest Ranked Rookie Team

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