Recognizing Team Driven

The end of the season is one week away! Fellow teams, you all know what that means. Competitions! For those teams and people that haven’t had any experiences with Team Driven, when you get to competitions, here are a few ways to know you’re looking at a Team Driven member.

On Day 1 of a regional, you’ll usually see us sporting a bright yellow t-shirt and jeans (no holes, thank you!). Since our school’s mascot is a tiger, our colors are black and gold. We wear our colors with pride!

A sleek black polo, complete with the Team Driven logo, and khaki pants is what we’ll be wearing on Day 2. Personally, I think this is when the team looks its “spiffiest.”

On the last day of a regional, we pull out the big guns. We get decked out in our black and gold pit shirts. When I button that last button, I feel so invigorated to be on the team. The moments that we’ve had in those pit shirts will stay with us forever. Just last year, we won the Kansas City Regional while wearing our pit shirts. We got second place at the Minnesota Northstar Regional while wearing our pit shirts. But most importantly, we share our greatest moments in those pit shirts. Hanging onto each other at final matches, jumping up and hugging each other when something good happens.  So when you see a Team Driven member in a black and gold pit shirt, take a second to recognize how much that yard of cloth means to us when we wear it.

Now there’s one more way you can recognize someone on our team. It’s more subtle than the others, but just as powerful. It’s a value we have as a team at our shop, and anywhere we go where hardware can become dangerous. When you see a Team Driven member at a competition, they will undoubtedly be wearing…safety glasses! Though it is of course required, we find it very important to have safety glasses in any area where there is machining and building going on.

So when you’re looking for Team Driven at any FRC regional, look for our signature attire and safety glasses!

You’ll find us no problem.

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