Crunch Time

Last night we hit our first big deadline.  Team Driven received an offer from Advanced Coatings saying that if we had all of our parts ready to go by Monday morning we could get our robot powder coated (painted colorfully).  Our CNC Mill had broken down over the last few days but was fixed yesterday afternoon.  We had parts lined up and ready to be milled.  A few student stayed up all night watching as the CNC kicked out parts as fast as they could load them.  At around 1 am they left after the CNC stopped working again.  Team Driven worked it to the max and was still able to make it to the powder coat on time this morning.  So thanks to a long night and a ton of effort, this year’s robot will look very professional. Great job Team Driven!

Posted 12 years ago by Crystal Durgan on Monday, February 13th, 2012 · Permalink


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