A Very Nice Thank You

Today is Saturday; the day when every FRC member gets up early and heads straight to the robotics shop for a full day of robot building. On any other Saturday, the garage door would be open and the sounds of heavy machinery and the whirring of a SIM motor drift onto the Lee’s Summit High School campus; but not today. Today, it is raining. The doors are shut, and the heat is on. Both literally and metaphorically!

     Today was a bustle of activity for the team. Not only where the electricians replacing and organizing the wiring and the electronics, but new and custom cut pieces, fresh from the water jet were being added to what is quickly looking more and more like an intimidating robot. The programmers are also hard at work sweeping the code clean of any unnecessary lines all as everyone works tirelessly toward the ever looming deadline of bag and tag day.
Amidst all this, the sponsor dinner for Hightech and Kastle Grinding, both Silver Level sponsors for Team Driven, was held today. These sponsors are both very important to the team because of their multiple contributions of parts and man-hours.
All and all, a very good beginning to week five of the 2012 build season, and a very nice celebration for two of our important sponsors. As many team members now echo across the shop, “St. Louis, here we come!

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