10 Ways You Know You’re a Robotics Nerd

If you’re like us here at Team Driven, you know there are certain characteristics you exhibit and certain things you do in daily life that reaffirm how much of a “robo-nerd” you are. Here are just a few. Our top 10.

  1. You consider the build-season your six-week stand. You’re inseparable. You think about nothing else.
  2. You’ve considered bringing your bed to the shop. You just can’t leave.
  3. When you injure yourself, your first instinct is to bolt for the duct tape.
  4. Your mom threatens to take shop time away from you as a punishment.
  5. You’ve gotten into arguments over whether or not robotics is a sport.
  6. You have a whole drawer of your dresser dedicated to your robotics-wear.
  7. You have custom-made shoes for robotics events only.
  8. You count down after every season until the next kick-off. (We’re currently at 344 days and counting)
  9. At Christmas, 50% or more of your presents have something to do with robots.
  10. Your profile picture is with Dean Kamen, Woodie Flowers, or your team’s current robot.

So if you or someone you know is exhibiting any of these 10 signs, think about visiting your school’s robotics team. If you already have, and signs are still occurring, you have a disease. An incurable one. A contagious one, but a good one. Robo-nerdiness.

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