App Camps

Team Driven did partner with Cerner Corporation and Sprint to host an App Camp.

That at the time targets middle school and high school students. This camp gave  kids the opportunity to learn programming skills while building their own applications for mobile devices.

The App Camp concept was developed to be transferable. When It was  created Cerner found they had a large need for programmers, and that not many kids were looking into that career. Team Driven with its corporate partners had created a program that was effectively multiplying kids interest in becoming programmers.  We had created  this program with the intent of sharing it thorough out the Kansas City  area.


For the two weeks of the camps we did that first year. The first week was a trial run where a group of kids, mostly Team Driven members, learned how to use the App Inventor program. Then they applied this knowledge by helping teach the second week of camp. At the end of the second week campers shared the apps they had made with the application development team from Kansas City Sporting, the local professional soccer team.


After the great success of the first year of App camps, 10 app camps were hosted by Team Driven and their partners during the summer of 2013. Four of the camps were completely ran by Team Driven. One of those four weeks was a  all girl App Camp experiences. For the other 6 camps; Team Driven helped Teams 1810, 2410, 1108, 1825, and 3528 put on their own.


Team Driven  put on a 15 week  App Camps. which  10 out  of these 15 weeks were  put on by other teams and with the help of other Team Driven members and mentors.  with the help of the other teams it brought  a total of around $30,000 in profit.

Sadly thought there will be no more of camps of this kind please  CLICK HERE  if you would like to take a look at some of our other summer  camps.



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